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New & Noteworthy

Three Ladies, Three Lattes
Dr Pamela Peled Danit Shemesh Tzippi Sha-ked 
Israel is in turmoil: angry crowds are sparring, the Torah has been taken hostage, and the enemy is not from Syria, Gaza, or even Iran. It?s Jew inciting Jew, Israeli galling Israeli, and the embatt...
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Rising Moon
Rabbi Moshe Miller 
This is the story of Ruth, princess of Moab, who suffers terrible personal losses, leaves her homeland and is reduced to grinding poverty only to discover love in a foreign land and become the mothe...
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Tractate Ta'anis
Rav Shmuel Udwin
From Rav Shmuel Udwin, in time for Daf Yomi -- Tractate Taanis.  Featuring a running translation of the Gemara with a clear explanation, Tractate Taanis will help you understand the Gemara l...
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A Glimpse at Greatness
Rabbi Daniel Mann 
Including Short Biographies of the Featured Authors and An Introduction to Lomdus
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Adrenalin Rush
Henye Meyer 
Tim Soloff thrives on it. He needs it, too. His fiancé broke their engagement. His career is in a coma. He?s got an antisemitic boss who always gives him the sure-to-fail assignment...
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